These purity testing protocols are freely available for all clients of ELEXA. Since early 2009, ELEXA focuses primarily on chemicals and materials for large scale isoelectric focusing and DNA electrophoresis.


Genetic purity testing

Genetic purity testing using laboratory methods is much more rapid than field testing, but also costly. Cost-effective analysis is determined by the number of seeds that can be analysed per day by a single technician. To reduce cost as much as possible, ELEXA designed special sample applicator strips and an apparatus for large scale tissue extraction.

Cost of electrophoretic genetic purity testing in the laboratory is mainly determined by cost of man power and cost of chemicals. The main cost of chemicals is the cost of so-called ampholytes which are used for isoelectric focusing. ELEXA uses the ampholytes of SinuGmbH, Heidelberg, Germany since these are the most efficient and cost-effective on the market.