Welcome to the website of Elexa

ELEXA is a company engaged in the application of large scale protein and DNA analysis methods for seed quality testing and marker-assisted breeding. In recent years many protocols have been developed for genetic purity testing of many important crops. Our genetic purity testing protocols (genetic identity and hybrid purity) are freely available to ELEXA's customers. Since early 2009, ELEXA focuses primarily on equipment and materials for large-scale protein electrophoresis and DNA analysis.

Genetic purity testing

Genetic purity testing using laboratory methods is much more rapid than field testing, but also costly. Cost-effective analysis is determined by the number of seeds that can be analyzed per day by a single technician. To reduce cost as much as possible, ELEXA designed tissue samplers , an apparatus for large scale tissue extraction, and special sample applicator strips.

The image below show variability of seed protein of different varieties of corn. The image is the result of ELEXA's isoelectric focusing protocol which is used by many seed companies.